Behind The Creation


Alexandra Samuel-Sturgess, LCSW


My Favorite Quote:

Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women. ~Maya Angelou

Favorite Foods:

I love Soul Food, which is a given as it is my cultural food. I also LOVE Mexican and Asian food.

Favorite Books: 

I love to read and even incorporate good reads in session. I recommend the Gifts of Imperfections by Brene Brown; Rainbow in the Clouds by Maya Angelou; The Seat of the Soul by GaryZukav; and A New Earth Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle. This is just a few favs in my collection feel free to ask for more!

Favorite Music:

I love Neo-Soul and Jazz Music. I enjoy Old School R&B Music along with Old School Hip Hop. My favorite artist who I will see over and over without getting tired is Maxwell. 

How I Work as a Therapist:

I'm the kind of therapist that wants to get in there with you and inact change! I work with you in taking the action steps necessary to get you to that next step, so if you want to use your time venting, and not READY to take ACTION then I'm NOT the therapist for you.

When I Do My Best Work:

I do my best work with women who are depressed and anxious by helping them find a sense of self worth, acceptance, and belonging. I work diligently to equip women with practical coping skills that will allow them to decrease symptoms which look like this:

Increased Sleep= Less Frustration

Lowered Stress= Increased Productivity

Lowered Anxiety= Increased Ability to Focus and Accomplish Goals

Decreased Depressive Symptoms= More Confidence & Courage to Live A More Purposeful Life.

Random Facts: 

I love Marvel & DC Comic Super Heroes! I think we all have our own unique superpowers. I know you are probably wondering, what would be my superpower? I think I would choose Professor Xavier from X-Men to be the strongest Telepath in the World.

My next favorite character would be Wonder Woman. I love her strength and abilities. I also think having the Lasso of Truth would benefit me in my current work in healing people.


I LOVE tea and ABSOLUTELY hate taste of coffee. 

I love to Silly Dance. 

In my next life I will probably be a Stand Up Comedian.

Favorite Ways To Destress:

Hot Bath with Pink Himalayan & Epsom Salt

Meditation and Prayer

Music, Candles, & Incense

Ice Cream (solves most problems)




I'm Alex! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Modern Day Feminist, and Postpartum Support International Coordinator for San Bernardino County. I have nearly two decades of experience empowering women from all walks of life in making healthier life choices. Spirited By Truth, is the continuance of my work in promoting holistic wellness in the lives of women of color. After working a combined 15 years in probation, social services, substance abuse treatment, and mental health services, the realization is that many women who I would come into contact within these systems, were not being properly treated, nor were their mental and spiritual needs being met. Many women yearned for something more than the traditional modalities and voiced the need of more women of color centered care. From this great need for more personalized care for women of color, Birthed the Creation of Spirited By Truth.


At Spirited By Truth, I strive to see women achieve health in mind, body, and spirit. I achieve this by getting to know my participants, assessing lifestyle choices and behaviors which may be hindering their health and life outcomes. I, then collaborate with participants to create ways to bring about transformation and balance. I work with participants on implementing strategies to stay on a healthy track. I work alongside participants in making their purpose driven goals a reality. I, also add value to the world with my wonderful sense of humor. I love making people laugh and bringing lightness into a seemingly dark space. 

Spirited By Truth is also dedicated to healthy life outcomes of mothers and their families. Spirited By Truth is a Pregnancy & Postpartum Private Practice that honorably serves this community. What makes Spirited By Truth unique is that we specialize in Maternal Mental Health, Spirituality, Advocacy, and Empowerment of Women.